Best Pulled Pork Sandwich in Farmington

Best Pulled Pork Sandwich!

Friday, Yay-day! This is a series of posts about my favorite things about living and working in Farmington, NM.

I just ate the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever eaten in my life – no exaggeration!

My favorite show used to be Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I remember watching all the featured BBQ restaurants and thinking, “I need to take a food trip down South to Memphis and Kansas City for some REAL BBQ!”

Now real BBQ is served right here in Farmington at the Infinite BBQ food truck on Butler at the Mesa Shopping Center!

The Twist

I think that their BBQ would be even better than the South’s because it has a little New Mexican twist to it. Their BBQ has some heat to it! Not too much but just enough that it makes the BBQ even better.


They are open today! You can swing by and tell me what you think about their BBQ. I think it will be some of the best you will ever eat!

Infinite BBQ Facebook page/ $7 for the pulled pork sandwich/ $8 with a side (I recommend the coleslaw.)


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