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I would like to highlight a wonderful mom who was in my little studio space last month and who is a friend.

That woman is Jayme. She is an incredible mom with a heart for Jesus!

Jayme is a wife and mother to three very handsome boys. The oldest boy is about to turn three. That tells you how busy she has been.

Even so, she leads a very important ministry in Farmington. It’s a ministry that supports, blesses, and provides friendship for moms. That ministry is MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

Jayme’s Story

Jayme never thought that she would lead a women’s group. The idea was laughable! She grew up with a brother, played on the boy sports teams, and worked in male-dominated environments. Guys were less complicated and less drama. Then she joined MOPS when she was pregnant with her firstborn.


Now Jayme will tell you that she doesn’t know where she would be without MOPS. She said that she has come to understand that women need women. Can I get an amen? That is worth repeating: Women need women! Yes we are fickle and emotional, but we need each other. We need friendship and a safe place to share our struggles (Jayme’s words). 


Jayme urges all women to find a group that they can feel confident in – whether it be MOPS, the baby wearing group, a book club, or any kind of other group. We need each other! If you would like more information about MOPS, please call Jayme. MOPS is open to all women and is non-denominational. Jayme 402-686-0505

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