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Over the years I’ve seen other women, the media, the feminist movement subtly diminish the work of motherhood as it’s less important or not as impactful as forging a career or chasing a dream. I want to take a moment to affirm mothers. The art of raising successful, responsible, Godly humans of truth is literally the creation of the next generation. The intentionality and character required to maintain an ordered home, to prepare meals, to invent activities and to discipline wisely – for years at a time requires a woman of maturity. ‘Mothers, there is nothing less about what you do. You are the heart of the world. Don’t stop beating. (Dale Partridge)’ 

I read this this morning and wanted to sing praises. Be the heart of the world and beat so strong ladies. -Jessica Haderlie

Chin kisses forever!

Brotherly love.

The family that laughs together stays together:)

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