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To say that I am passionate about professional photography is an understatement. I am obsessed!

This passion started when I was a child. My mom would drag my dad and my eight siblings all throughout my childhood to Durango for professional family portraits at Andy’s. You can tell what was and is important to my mom: her family.

Then my passion grew when I gave birth to my firstborn.

I wanted to capture those sweet, fleeting moments of having a newborn.

All of those pictures are so precious to me, especially as each year passes!

Below, I give you three reasons why professional photography of your children and family are so important.

3 Reasons Why You Need Professional Pictures

  1. You forget. You forget how fast they grow up when you are in the thick of parenting, covered in their body fluids (e.g. exploding diapers and spit-up), and are surrounded by them 24/7. You think that you will always remember their baby smiles and tiny toes and fingers. But you forget. So professional pictures are a way to capture them so you can remember.
  2. So your children can see how beautiful they are. My children play hard – which usually means that they are covered in dirt, sweat, and their hair is a crazy mess. I find that my kids, especially my girls, need visual reminders of how beautiful they are. This also gives them greater self-confidence. It’s not that outer beauty is where their worth is at (not at all), but sometimes children need an outward reminder of their great inner and outward beauty.
  3. So you can see how beautiful they are. This is important. I have a picture of my children on my dresser. When I wake up, I see a strong visual reminder of what is more valuable and important to me than anything in this world. The portrait is also a reminder of why I do what I do; I’m a stay-at-home mom. Plus, it’s proof that all five kids can look presentable at the same time – a miracle!


You’ll never regret spending the money on having beautiful, professional pictures taken of your children. I will repeat what I always write at the end of each blog post. Those pictures will capture your heart, your most precious moments, and your legacy. That is priceless.

Zia Photography is a fine art photographer in Farmington, New Mexico. I specialize in motherhood, babies, and families. I would love to help document your heart, your most precious memories, and your legacy! Please contact me here or call me @ 505-634-9495 I look forward to hearing from you!

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