About Me

Farmington Photographer

Hello, I’m Lynne Harris! Thanks for stopping by!

I love the name Zia and wanted to name a daughter Zia. I have three daughters named Lauren, Eliza, and Sienna. So when I started this business, I knew what I wanted to name it!

About Me

I am married to my best friend and we have five beautiful children. Our faith in God is a vital part of our lives. I despise house cleaning but love playing and cuddling with my family, listening to podcasts, hanging out in my yoga pants, drinking green smoothies for breakfast, attending church on Sundays, and baking. Sometimes I sew. Someday I will sew more. But for right now, I’m soaking in all the time that I have with my young children.

My Why

Because family is everything.

Because my husband and children are my happiest moments.

Because life moves so fast. I want to capture, reminisce, and hold those joyous moments in my hands and pass them down through the generations.

My Style

Beautiful, Simple, Joyful, and Light